Understanding Gold And Silver as An Investment

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Have you ever considered investing in precious metals before?

Now why have we decided to write about this? Some of our writers and readers are based in the USA and have some form of an retirement savings account. We simply want to get the word out, that there are better alternatives out there, that protect your retirement savings better than traditional investments. What were are implying to is an precious metals IRA or simply a gold IRA. Now why is that?

Gold has been around for thousands of years and has always kept its value, while currencies failed over and over again. It is considered a “safe haven” for a lot of investors as well as ordinary people.
In recent years, many US residents decided to form some sort of IRA (individual retirement account) by transferring their funds from a 401k to a gold IRA.

Why is gold and silver the preferred choice for many? After a financial crash happens, gold&silver prices skyrocket. The price is negatively correlated to fiat currency.
In the US, there are a lot of companies that offer gold IRA rollover services, but we strongly suggest you do your due diligence before deciding to invest. Here are some useful resources for you to read:

Thinking About Buying Gold in Dubai?


As you may already know Dubai is known as the city of gold. This is not just because they have the biggest storage for gold in the world but also because of the fact that Dubai does not apply any taxes on gold purchases and gold storage. There are lots of options to buy gold in Dubai – you can buy it online, but also as billionsĀ on the well know Gold Souk. If you are interested in buying gold in Dubai you should make sure to check the current gold rates for Dubai and the world to get a better feeling what drives the price of gold

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