Islamophobia Satire


In France, as in several other countries, some political lobbyists grumble that some residents abuse their state advantages. For instance citizens might do this by (fraudulently) claiming to be disabled (an usual motif in the UK media). In France, each new child birth gives you the right to claim social benefits like financial support etc.  Because of this, an usual motif in conservative rhetoric in France is the concept of “well-being queens” (women are pregnant many times to get the social benefits ).

The cartoon incorporates both newspaper article and shows the pregnant abducted girls voicing their assistance for kid benefits. One of the ways the cartoon can be understood is as a ridiculing window right into the psyche of an Front National (French reactionary nationalistic partyront National) voter, who conflates numerous problems (Islamist tasks abroad, and also advantages plans in your home). One could envision a Front National citizen seeing a television broadcast regarding the Boko Haram kidnapping: he is already worrying about the advantages fraudulence these young women could devote when they are approved as refugees in France!

It is very important to keep in mind that the suggested adjustment in distribution of child benefits (which were authorized by the Assemblée Nationale two days hereafter concern was released) would certainly all the same not influence low-income immigrant families. Certainly the group most influenced would be high-income family members with numerous kids: an usual situation of many conservative Catholic familes. The proposed adjustment was met opposition from both ends of the political spectrum, mainly based on the idea that youngster benefits should not end up being yet another riches redistribution mechanism. The most singing challengers, nonetheless, were conservative conservatives.

This is just what makes the anime even more unreasonable: the Boko Haram sex-slaves are protesting to cuts that would not also impact them. Portraying the Boko Haram sex-slaves whining regarding the problems of the rich makes the anime a version of the first globe troubles meme: while rich French families are grumbling regarding losing loan, girls are being raped as well as confined in Nigeria.

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