How Charliehebdo build a 7 Figure Online Business in less than one year after Attack

Build your own Online Business in 7 Figure steps

We will take a deep look into building the 7 Figure Online Business. If Charliehebdo did it in less than a year after the attack, you should either. So, if you believe you can do more or better things for customers than existing online shops do: let’s go! From a purely technical point of view, it has never been easier to enter the eCommerce business than it is today. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that online shop owners should think about before starting their own shop.7 Figure Online Business Tips

In this article, I want to introduce first four out of 7 figure points, which should be considered when preparing your online store. I report here partly from experiences and observations of other online shops. There are also many figures I could have done better with my Online Business, but we are learning from our mistakes, right?

Building Online Business in 7-Figures – First Four Tips

1.    First 7 Figure – What you need to Build a Successful Online Business

Do you want to be your own boss? Create your own online business that generates passive income for you? Of course, that sounds cool, but it also has a lot of responsibilities: you always have to motivate yourself, you have to make important decisions by yourself, and you are heading your own way. It’s fun, and you know exactly what are you’re investing in. But you have to motivate yourself every day to work on your online business to make the desired success happen.

Above everything else, if you want to build a successful online business, you need a strong will to do it, coupled with a great deal of endurance. Because a successful online business is not built from one day to the next. You can build a website quickly, but you will not get visitors to your site on your own – and you’ll only make money if your online business has visitors.

2.    Second 7-Figure thought: You’ll need some Marketing Skills

It can’t hurt to find a mentor – someone you can ask questions and who has already built up a successful online business. People who have successfully built something are often willing to help others on their journey. You just have to trust and ask them – not too intrusive, but with a corresponding self-confidence. Charliehebdo did have a mentor as well in the begin of his eCommerce journey.

3.    Third Figure out of 7: What is your Goal?

Before you start your online business, you should formulate concrete goals. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to build up? How much money do you want to earn monthly? Write down what your goals are in 3 months, six months, 12 months, three years and five years. I assure you that if you write down your goals in advance, you will end up with them much easier. Your goals should be formulated as accurately as possible and should be very detailed.

4.    Fourth and the last 7 Figure rule in this Article: Walk to the Trade Office

If you plan to earn money with your online business, then you should visit the trade office. You need a trade license so that you can tax your income at the tax office accordingly. But do not worry, that’s not as complicated as you might fear. So you go to your local trade office (do not forget ID) and get your trade license. You tell the officer what exactly you want to do and trade license will be issued to you. And that’s almost it. After some time, you will receive mail from the tax office, because they want to know your planned sales in the next few years. Here you should be careful: If you enter with high expected profits, you will probably be asked to pay taxes in advance. So give rather low numbers. Even if it’s only 100 euros a month. You do not know it yet.Guide to eCommerce Succes

That were our first four 7 Figure Online Business Tips. We will cover other three in one of our next articles.

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