Charlie Hebdo Reveals 2018 eCommerce Trends and Courses

Charlie Hebdo’s List Of 5 Key Trends For E-Commerce In 2018

Change has become the new constant when it comes to the world of retail and e-commerce. The dramatic upheavals of recent years have definitely been hardest on brick-and-mortar stores. We at Charli Hebdo have seen experienced that less-profitable physical outlets are being shuttered left and right, and consumers are watching numerous trusted brands fade or disappear entirely. Many companies are making a wholesale shift from face-to-face business toward e-commerce, and this is keeping the online market volatile.

The latest market data we have gathered reveals that online shopping has a very slight edge over brick-and-mortar retail now, with 51 percent of American consumers preferring to shop online. E-commerce is currently growing by 23 percent per annum, and this growth is only expected to accelerate says Adrian Morrison from eCom Success Academy.

The latest technological refinements impacting the e-commerce world include voice search and cross-platform/cross-device accessibility. 40 percent of millennial consumers are already comfortable using voice assistants in online transactions, and that number should grow past 50 percent by 2020. Digital devices are playing an ever-larger role in more and more shopping transactions.

Given the almost-overwhelming pace of change in the retail world, we thought it was high time to ask some of the industry’s leading lights what the key trends for 2018 were going to be. We at Charlie Hebdo think that the following trends should make a dramatic splash in the coming year in both online and offline retail.

Trend 1: More Entrepreneurial E-Commerce Activity

Despite the shift that major retailers are making toward online operations right now, the world of e-commerce will continue to be friendly to the little guy as well as the giant corporation. 2018 will likely see more entrepreneurs than ever before entering the market.

Launching a store of your own, building your own advertising campaigns, and finding products to sell are all easier than ever before. E-commerce will continue to be a field of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, and the resources required to launch successfully get more and more affordable.

– Tomas Slimas, Oberlo Chief Marketing Officer / Co-founder

More about Oberlo here:

Trend 2: Better AI With Blockchain Enhancements

Artificially-intelligent chatbots have transformed from being geeky curiosities into genuine assets. Chatbot messaging is poised to become a core part of the customer service experience in a huge range of different industries. AI refinements like blockchain technology are expected to accelerate the pace of integration as more and more retailers come to rely on chatbots.

2018 should see more companies deploying more chatbots to automate customer service and deliver a smoother customer experience. According to a survey conducted by Business Insider, 80 percent of businesses are planning to have some form of automated chatbot implemented in their customer service processes by 2020. From the other side, a major LivePerson survey showed that fully a third of polled consumers have encountered a chatbot in a customer service context in the past year.

– James Gurd, DigitalJuggler Owner

Trend 3: More Intelligent, Inclusive Customer Journeys

The story of technology impacting retail business is likely to bend next toward greater personalization. Enabled by technology like virtual personal shoppers and AI-powered recommendation software, brands will soon have the ability to cater to specific customer desires in every facet of the customer experience. This is likely to include more accommodating shipping and return policies as well as personalized customer service and marketing efforts.

– Adrian Morrison, eCom Success Academy (source:

Trend 4: Another Banner Year At Amazon

Amazon isn’t even close to being finished transforming the retail world. Competing mega-retailers (e.g. Walmart) continue to look to Amazon as a model for how to acquire and retain customers today. The company is especially interested in incorporating the latest technology, like voice-activated shopping, and in expanding their Prime services across international borders.

The company’s continued commitment to technological growth and customer service makes Amazon the leader to look to in 2018. Independent merchants will need to be aware of and react to every aspect of what Amazon does in online retail in 2018.

– Andrew Youderian, eCommerceFuel Founder

Trend 5: Fresh Opportunities Everywhere

Technological advances of every sort are primed to revolutionize the online retail world. Consumers’ shopping habits are likely to change thanks to the influence of everything from automated sensors to augmented reality (AR) in 2018.

This may well be the year when the divide between e-commerce and offline retail finally disappears. Virtually all transactions – and virtually every consumer – is open to an e-commerce component of their purchasing now. Bold companies that invest in novel technological opportunities may come out as big winners in 2018.

– Visakan Veersamy, CandyBar Content Strategist

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