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In France, as in several other countries, some political lobbyists grumble that some residents abuse their state advantages. For instance citizens might do this by (fraudulently) claiming to be disabled (an usual motif in the UK media). In France, each new child birth gives you the right to claim social benefits like financial support etc.  Because of this, an usual motif in conservative rhetoric in France is the concept of “well-being queens” (women are pregnant many times to get the social benefits ).

The cartoon incorporates both newspaper article and shows the pregnant abducted girls voicing their assistance for kid benefits. One of the ways the cartoon can be understood is as a ridiculing window right into the psyche of an Front National (French reactionary nationalistic partyront National) voter, who conflates numerous problems (Islamist tasks abroad, and also advantages plans in your home). One could envision a Front National citizen seeing a television broadcast regarding the Boko Haram kidnapping: he is already worrying about the advantages fraudulence these young women could devote when they are approved as refugees in France!

It is very important to keep in mind that the suggested adjustment in distribution of child benefits (which were authorized by the Assemblée Nationale two days hereafter concern was released) would certainly all the same not influence low-income immigrant families. Certainly the group most influenced would be high-income family members with numerous kids: an usual situation of many conservative Catholic familes. The proposed adjustment was met opposition from both ends of the political spectrum, mainly based on the idea that youngster benefits should not end up being yet another riches redistribution mechanism. The most singing challengers, nonetheless, were conservative conservatives.

This is just what makes the anime even more unreasonable: the Boko Haram sex-slaves are protesting to cuts that would not also impact them. Portraying the Boko Haram sex-slaves whining regarding the problems of the rich makes the anime a version of the first globe troubles meme: while rich French families are grumbling regarding losing loan, girls are being raped as well as confined in Nigeria.

About Charlie Hebdo

The French ridiculing magazine Charlie Hebdo has obtained a lot of focus after the recent terrorist attacks at their office in France. Several of the criticism guided  articles written at Charlie Hebdo are uncalled for that reason misunderstood. This site tries to clarify the cartoons within the context they were released to ensure that they may be much better understood.

What This Website Isn’t About

It ought to be noted that a lot of the content of this website is pointless to the terrorist assault against Charlie Hebdo. Even if Charlie Hebdo was guilty of some of the allegations made against them, particularly homophobia,  sexism and so on, actions against them must be taken in the type of short articles, cartoons or in a law court. Murder is never reasonable, particularly versus animes or composed word.

Our goal is just to defend the animations against a few of these costs leveled versus them, specifically given that some of their authors are no more able to do so.

Charlie Hebdo’s  Business satire.

Charlie Hebdos humour is extremely certain, as well as somewhat unique to French people. It is absurdist (in the practice of Rubrique-à-Brac), a kind of wit equivalent to MAD publication and also Viz in regards to anglo-saxon publications. It is also exceptionally satirical, comparable to The Onion and The Colbert Record, e.g. saying Charlie Hebdo is homophobic is as unreasonable as claiming Stephen Colbert is conservative, or that Ali-G is racist. Charlie Hebdo humour is typically rude and also reveals a complete lack of respect for numerous institutions, à la South Park. A lot more explanations of this are supplied in this post from The New Yorker and this post in Mediapart.

Charlie Hebdo uses their instead ruthless witticism versus dogma, pretension and hysteria, despite its resource. Satire jobs by toying with different levels of interpretation (paradox)– a basically subjective effort which in the hands of Charlie Hebdo makes certain to leave bitter aftertastes. Wit is not a requirement.

The cartoons shown below are a tiny choice of the broad variety of subjects that Charlie Hebdo covers. There are a lot of animations that are just teasing Francois Hollande or Nicolas Sarkozy. It is necessary to keep this in mind, as or else it is extremely easy to conclude, when just provided with a handful of animes, that Charlie Hebdo covers only the subjects below. In reality the animes touch upon a wide variety of subjects, yet always play foolish and suggest with them (” bête et méchant “). Below are some stats regarding the subjects matters of most front-page animes on Charlie Hebdo put together by Le Monde:

unes-charlie- ecommerce-stats



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Charlie Hebdo Reveals 2018 eCommerce Trends and Courses

Charlie Hebdo’s List Of 5 Key Trends For E-Commerce In 2018

Change has become the new constant when it comes to the world of retail and e-commerce. The dramatic upheavals of recent years have definitely been hardest on brick-and-mortar stores. We at Charli Hebdo have seen experienced that less-profitable physical outlets are being shuttered left and right, and consumers are watching numerous trusted brands fade or disappear entirely. Many companies are making a wholesale shift from face-to-face business toward e-commerce, and this is keeping the online market volatile.

The latest market data we have gathered reveals that online shopping has a very slight edge over brick-and-mortar retail now, with 51 percent of American consumers preferring to shop online. E-commerce is currently growing by 23 percent per annum, and this growth is only expected to accelerate says Adrian Morrison from eCom Success Academy.

The latest technological refinements impacting the e-commerce world include voice search and cross-platform/cross-device accessibility. 40 percent of millennial consumers are already comfortable using voice assistants in online transactions, and that number should grow past 50 percent by 2020. Digital devices are playing an ever-larger role in more and more shopping transactions.

Given the almost-overwhelming pace of change in the retail world, we thought it was high time to ask some of the industry’s leading lights what the key trends for 2018 were going to be. We at Charlie Hebdo think that the following trends should make a dramatic splash in the coming year in both online and offline retail.

Trend 1: More Entrepreneurial E-Commerce Activity

Despite the shift that major retailers are making toward online operations right now, the world of e-commerce will continue to be friendly to the little guy as well as the giant corporation. 2018 will likely see more entrepreneurs than ever before entering the market.

Launching a store of your own, building your own advertising campaigns, and finding products to sell are all easier than ever before. E-commerce will continue to be a field of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, and the resources required to launch successfully get more and more affordable.

– Tomas Slimas, Oberlo Chief Marketing Officer / Co-founder

More about Oberlo here:

Trend 2: Better AI With Blockchain Enhancements

Artificially-intelligent chatbots have transformed from being geeky curiosities into genuine assets. Chatbot messaging is poised to become a core part of the customer service experience in a huge range of different industries. AI refinements like blockchain technology are expected to accelerate the pace of integration as more and more retailers come to rely on chatbots.

2018 should see more companies deploying more chatbots to automate customer service and deliver a smoother customer experience. According to a survey conducted by Business Insider, 80 percent of businesses are planning to have some form of automated chatbot implemented in their customer service processes by 2020. From the other side, a major LivePerson survey showed that fully a third of polled consumers have encountered a chatbot in a customer service context in the past year.

– James Gurd, DigitalJuggler Owner

Trend 3: More Intelligent, Inclusive Customer Journeys

The story of technology impacting retail business is likely to bend next toward greater personalization. Enabled by technology like virtual personal shoppers and AI-powered recommendation software, brands will soon have the ability to cater to specific customer desires in every facet of the customer experience. This is likely to include more accommodating shipping and return policies as well as personalized customer service and marketing efforts.

– Adrian Morrison, eCom Success Academy (source:

Trend 4: Another Banner Year At Amazon

Amazon isn’t even close to being finished transforming the retail world. Competing mega-retailers (e.g. Walmart) continue to look to Amazon as a model for how to acquire and retain customers today. The company is especially interested in incorporating the latest technology, like voice-activated shopping, and in expanding their Prime services across international borders.

The company’s continued commitment to technological growth and customer service makes Amazon the leader to look to in 2018. Independent merchants will need to be aware of and react to every aspect of what Amazon does in online retail in 2018.

– Andrew Youderian, eCommerceFuel Founder

Trend 5: Fresh Opportunities Everywhere

Technological advances of every sort are primed to revolutionize the online retail world. Consumers’ shopping habits are likely to change thanks to the influence of everything from automated sensors to augmented reality (AR) in 2018.

This may well be the year when the divide between e-commerce and offline retail finally disappears. Virtually all transactions – and virtually every consumer – is open to an e-commerce component of their purchasing now. Bold companies that invest in novel technological opportunities may come out as big winners in 2018.

– Visakan Veersamy, CandyBar Content Strategist

Trend 6: Shopify Plus Online Training Courses Review

It’s very likely that people buy an online training course where they can learn and update their knowledge in no time. One of the best Shopify eCommerce training courses is called eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison. This is one of the approaches which made most people to eCom and Shopify specialist almost over night. But not all of the courses on the market are legit, therfor GFK is reviewing the best selling products and also beta testing them to sort out all the scams.  You can read more about the Shopify plus platform and insights here:

– Andrew Sweeton, GFK America (source:

Charlie Hebdo – Are 7 figure businesses online a scam?

We like to review everything we find online. Today, we decided to check out the 7 figure cycle course and see what it is all about and is it worth getting or everything is just hype…

picking up puzzles - just like building a business

The training comes from two “veterans” of online courses, that have been in the internet marketing business for over 10 years. Their students have also been having tremendous results from their strategies.

So what will they be teaching in their newest online training course? In a nutshell it is all about  a system, that uses wholesalers on one end and Amazon FBA on the other and combines the two. You could call it arbitrage, because the way it works is by buying at a wholesaler and selling on Amazon for profit.

It works in a way that doesn’t require:

This is all the information we have on the 7 figure cycle so far, but rest assured that we will be sharing more as soon as we get the latest updates. We found this website to be a credible source for all information here: | Training Course Review

For a more general site on the course, you can also visit | Reviewing The Seven Figure Business Cycle.

Or… you can drop by our site and find out more with a tiny delay, but nonetheless read the reviews before jumping on board for the 7 figure cycle. Meanwhile watch the video below:

How Charliehebdo build a 7 Figure Online Business in Less Than one Year After Attack

How Charlie Hebdo Build Their 7 Figure Online Business

We will take a deep look at building a 7 Figure Online Business like the one by Charlie Hebdo – a French news agency. If Charliehebdo did it in less than a year after the attack, you should either. So, if you believe you can do more or better things for customers than existing online shops do: let’s go! From a purely technical point of view, it has never been easier to enter the eCommerce business than it is today. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that online shop owners and other people working online should think about before starting their own business.7 Figure Online Business Tips

In this article, I want to review Charlie Hebdo’s 7 figure online business model which they have used after the serious attacks in 2014. There are also many figures they could have done better with their Online Business, but we are learning from our mistakes, right?

The 4 Steps Charlie Hebdo Took After The Attacks in 2014 To Build Their 7 Figure Business

1.    Think About What You Need to Build a Successful Online Business

Do you want to be your own boss? Create your own online business that generates passive income for you? Of course, that sounds cool, but it also has a lot of responsibilities: you always have to motivate yourself, you have to make important decisions by yourself, and you are heading your own way. It’s fun, and you know exactly what are you’re investing in. But you have to motivate yourself every day to work on your online business to make the desired success happen.

Above everything else, if you want to build a successful online business, you need a strong will to do it, coupled with a great deal of endurance. Because a successful online business is not built from one day to the next. You can build a website quickly, but you will not get visitors to your site on your own – and you’ll only make money if your online business has visitors.

2.    7 Figure Marketing Strategy

It can’t hurt to find a mentor – someone you can ask questions and who has already built up a successful online business. People who have successfully built something are often willing to help others on their journey. You just have to trust and ask them – not too intrusive, but with a corresponding self-confidence. Charliehebdo did have a mentor as well in the begin of his eCommerce journey.

3.    Define Your Goals

Before you start your online business, you should formulate concrete goals. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to build up? How much money do you want to earn monthly? Write down what your goals are in 3 months, six months, 12 months, three years and five years. I assure you that if you write down your goals in advance, you will end up with them much easier. Your goals should be formulated as accurately as possible and should be very detailed.

4.    Walk to the Trade Office

If you plan to earn money with your online business, then you should visit the trade office. You need a trade license so that you can tax your income at the tax office accordingly. But do not worry, that’s not as complicated as you might fear. So you go to your local trade office (do not forget ID) and get your trade license. You tell the officer what exactly you want to do and trade license will be issued to you. And that’s almost it. After some time, you will receive mail from the tax office, because they want to know your planned sales in the next few years. Here you should be careful: If you enter with high expected profits, you will probably be asked to pay taxes in advance. So give rather low numbers. Even if it’s only 100 euros a month. You do not know it yet.Guide to eCommerce Succes

That was the review of Charlie’s business model. What we need to add at the end is that they have used an online training course where everything mentioned above is covered in one place. The training is called 7 Figure Cycle by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. You will find the latest news and insights right here: and here:

You can check the video below to see more details about the 7 Figure Cycle training program:


Want to make some extra money?

We just got  word from Mark Ling, a full time online entrepreneur, about his training course on how to build digital products and help people learn your craft. In a nutshell, the learn build and earn course is going to teach you everything you might want to know about how to build a online digital product and then get the word out to your target audience.

Now, you might be asking yourself… what does this have to do with Our Website?

Well, for example. If you are an aspiring journalist or satirist, you might want to build a guide on your best practices and get the word out.  That way, you can help people by teaching them your craft with your very own digital training course.

That way, you can make the world a better place and connect with people in your area of work. If you would like to learn more about it, check out the learn build earn facebook page.

Here is a bit of background on Mark Ling (the author):

  • more than 12 years of experience
  • over 5000 successful students
  • author of more than a dozen digital products
  • speaker at some of the biggest events
  • online marketing expert

Again, make sure you go to and read the in-depth review, if this is something you might be interested in.

How Charlie Hebdo Managed To Become One Of The Most Read and Known News Platform With Their Email Marketing Strategy? has become one of the worlds famous news platform for their criticizing moment about what was going on in the world. What was new from the marketing perspective was their email marketing strategy – they were one of the first news tabloids which were sending out newspaper through email. The man behind this strategy is Anik Singal who is just about to release his first email marketing book and course.

You can get more information here:



You can watch the video overview here:


The Egipt Killers

An usual complaint directed against this cartoon is that it would certainly in some way commemorate the mass casualties among the Muslim Brotherhood. One must not reason from the ridiculing representation of a crime that Charlie hebdo warrants this crime. Undoubtedly, Charlie Hebdo cartoons have actually never shied away from revealing the grim realities of violence (including the representation of targets) as well as making use of the shock-value to attract public’s attention to the concern at hand. The following animes ready points of recommendation as they refer to a much less politically charged concern however also portray sufferers of misfortunes in an extremely straight way:



These animations describe the string of self-destructions by employees that happened at France Telecommunications in 2008-2009: it would certainly be challenging to say that this illustration, given the typically ultra-left wing as well as pro workers’ legal rights stance of Charlie Hebdo, is celebrating the suicides of workers. Instead, the ridiculing depiction of fatality as well as suicide is a way to surprise the reader’s principles by showing an occurrence whose terrible nature might not be as properly communicated in the written press (or on TV, where terrible photos are censored or inexistent). Drawing appears to be a much more effective means to draw in individuals’s interest on lots of issues. ( As disturbing as the drawing might be, there are already Facebook fan page domination that let people discuss the events that are happening around the Charlie Hebdo headquarters.

The 100k Factory Rule To Work On Sundays

TheDebate About Working On Sundays


The “open on Sundays” debate (still raving) has polarized France. The proponents of maintaining shops closed on Sundays uphold a more conventional understanding of French social and cultural worths. They can be discovered anywhere on the political spectrum and also generally refer to the liberal (in the financial feeling) assault on French social values, which opening shops on Sundays would certainly intimidate small businesses. The proponents of opening up shops on Sundays argue that this would bring a much-needed boost to the economic climate with 100k Factory Revolution, and that some employees would certainly more than happy to deal with Sundays. (source:

Jesus is represented right here, since underlying the whole discussion is that Sunday is traditionally a day of communal worship as well as remainder for Christians eCom solutions. The paradox here is that Jesus has produced this regrettable situation he finds himself in.

The Roman soldier has a hammer, however is presumably missing other components needed to develop the cross Jesus is to be crucified on. The Roman soldier appears to recognize Jesus’ consternation, and is rather apologetic for this unwise situation, clarifying that he has to change the penalty with sodomy.

One of the feasible interpretations of the anime is that financial liberalism (represented by the practical Roman soldier) will at some point wind up “fucking-up” conventional worths.

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